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being a college student has made me so innovative


im using my laptop charger as a heating pad for my cramps


i forgot that i once existed on the internet

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The thought of going back to school makes me want to commit suicide.

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30 DAYS OF BAND OF BROTHERS | Day 29 ☆ Funniest Scene

There’s just something about this scene that always ends with me rolling over in laughter. From mein Liebchen yelling “HERSHEY BARS!” , to the bickering over the different goods, Lieb asking Web if he’d been working out, people constantly asking where Winters was, Lieb finally stealing a Hershey bar, George finally giving up, and with everyone fighting over things in the end.  You hear them arguing in the distance as you go to the next scene. It’s also hilarious just to see everybody’s different reactions to things, because there are so many people in this scene. Especially Jones, who just has some interesting facial expressions. Everyone’s timing is spot on and it’s nice to see them mess around and laugh for a bit.